Client Charter

At Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad, our mission is to ensure that our customers develop confidence in us and we aim to become an efficient service provider that is ever ready to listen and assist our customers on all insurance matters. 


We are committed to provide efficient and effective services in handling complaints and enquiries. Our customers can contact us through these channels:   

  • Visit any of our Head Office and Branches customer service centres nationwide
  • Call us toll-free at 1-800-88-9933
  • Contact us at:
Complaints Unit / Unit Aduan,
         Customer Service Centre,
         Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad,
         Level 36, Menara Bangkok Bank,
         105, Jalan Ampang,
         50450 Kuala Lumpur.
  Tel. : 03-2170 7300
  Fax : 03-2170 4800

To our customers, we promise to: 

  • Provide a wide range of fair-priced products with value-added benefits to meet your diverse needs.
  • Continuously endeavour to improve and expand our products and services, exceeding your expectations.
  • Settle claims promptly, fairly, and be receptive to your response on our services provided.
  • Continuously leverage technology to increase effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Continuously upgrade our network services and invest in human resource training and development to serve you better.
  • Consistently provide quality solutions.
  • Work closely in building customer relations to learn and elicit information.
  • Have a professional and friendly management practice; always willing to receive feedback, complaints, and suggestions.
  • Provide professional personnel to advise on risk management and improvements.


Our complaints handling process is based on the following principles:




In order to resolve your complaint, it is important that you give us as much information as possible. When you contact us, the following information must be provided:

1. Account Information - name, policy number, or account number.

2. Contact Details - mobile phone number or other preferred method of contact (e.g. house number, alternate mobile phone number, e-mail address, etc.).

3. Complaint Information - details of the complaint and any supporting evidence.


Once we receive this information, we will be able to investigate your complaint and work towards a resolution.

In the event that we are unable to resolve your concern(s) to your satisfaction, you may pursue the matter with:


Level 14, Main Block, Menara Takaful Malaysia,
No. 4, Jalan Sultan Sulaiman, 50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel. : 03 - 2272 2811
Fax : 03 - 2272 1577
E-mail :
Website :


Jabatan LINK & Pejabat Wilayah
Bank Negara Malaysia
P.O. Box 10922
50929 Kuala Lumpur
Tel. : 1-300-88-5465
Fax : 03-2174 1515
E-mail :

All complaints received are recorded in a register and a reference number is allocated to each complaint. A complaint file is opened for documentation of records and progress update on each case. In addition, the status and progress of each complaint is kept in the system for easy monitoring, tracking, retrieval, and analysis.


1. Walk-In Enquiries/Complaints 
Customers will be handled in a systematic manner and on a first-come-first-served basis.
Customers will be served within 30 minutes upon their arrival at the customer service desk.
Full details of the customer and the customer's enquiry/complaint will be recorded by our customer service representative.
Enquiries/complaints that do not require a follow-up will be resolved on the same business day.
Customers will be briefed on the next course of action to be taken by the Company's representative. On average, our customer should receive a response from us within 5 days of filing the complaint, and the status of dealing with the complaint will be communicated every week.
2. Phone Enquiries/Complaints 
Phone calls will be answered within 3 rings.
Enquiries/complaints that do not require a follow-up will be resolved during the first call.
Enquiries that require a follow-up will be resolved within 5 working days.
Complaints that require a follow-up will be lodged with the Company's Complaints Unit on the same day it is lodged by the customer and will be acknowledged by the Complaints Unit. The Complaints Unit will respond to our customer within 2 weeks from receipt of the complaint. 
In the event the complaint required further investigation, our customer will be kept updated every week on the status until the complaint is resolved.
3. Written Enquiries/Complaints (E-mail, Fax, Letter) 
Enquiries via e-mail will be responded to within 2 working days, with an initial automated response to the customer upon acknowledgement or receipt of an enquiry/complaint.
Enquiries via letter or fax will be responded to within 5 working days.
Enquiries that require a follow-up will be resolved within 2 weeks.
Complaints via e-mail or fax will be lodged on the same day with the Complaints Unit for acknowledgement by the Complaints Unit. We will respond to our customer within 3 working days upon receipt of the complaint. 
In the event the complaint requires further investigation, our customer will be kept updated every week on the status until the complaint is resolved

It is our endeavour to settle justified claims promptly through standardised procedures in claims administration. To facilitate your claims, you need to submit sufficient documentation. Upon receipt of a claim notification, you can expect to receive a response from us within 48 hours. The claims procedure is as follows:

  • Claims Registration, complete documentation (stamp date received).
  • Claims assessment will be done within 21 working days.
    • For normal cases, customers will be updated on the progress within21 working days.
    • For complex claims cases (insufficient documentation), customers will be updated on the progress within30 working days.
  • Cheque issuance by Finance department within 7 working days.
  • Cheque received by customers within 21 working days after the date we received the acceptance of the offer and/or Discharge Voucher and all relevant documents.


If you are not satisfied with the claims decision, you can contact us at:


 Complaints Unit / Unit Aduan,
         Customer Service Centre,
         Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad,
         Level 36, Menara Bangkok Bank,
         105, Jalan Ampang,
         50450 Kuala Lumpur.
 Tel. : 03-2170 7300
 Fax : 03-2170 4800
 E-mail :

Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad will have in place a Privacy Policy that will ensure the safety and security of the usage of client information. The Privacy Policy will have strong security measures, responsible privacy standards, safe operation of its delivery channel for data transmission between the insured and the insurer, and strict guidelines on the usage of client information by our employees.

We will process your policy as soon as we receive the full documentation. If you do not receive your policy within 30 working days, kindly contact our Customer Service at 1-800-889-933 to find out the status of your policy. 


Please note that we reserve the right to accept or reject an application to purchase our product. We will inform the applicant of the rejection and will also state the grounds for rejecting the application within 5 working days.

Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad is committed to fraud control with an emphasis on proactive prevention, putting in place detention measures in our efforts to reduce possibilities that could lead to fraud. Our approach to fraud control is focused on maintaining a legal and ethical climate that encourages all stakeholders to protect the Company's assets and raise any suspicion of fraud. We believe in zero tolerance to fraud. Thus, when fraud is detected, suspected, or alleged, we are committed to fully investigate the matter. We will work closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that justice is served, and implement measures to recover as well as to minimise losses.