BusinessInsure Pack

Designed for businesses having total business assets not exceeding RM10 million. An affordable yet comprehensive insurance protection with premium as low as RM1.50 per day.


BusinessInsure Pack is an on-the-spot tailor-made business insurance package where there is no hassle to start coverage immediately. It is designed for businesses having total business assets not exceeding RM10 million. It provides you with affordable yet comprehensive insurance protection with a premium contribution as low as RM1.50 per day, and yet no comprehensive and cumbersome survey is required. 


This package is not designed for the following trade: Chinese medical shop, Hand phone & accessories, computer, jewellers block, car accessories, electrical appliances, cigarettes/liquor distributors, watch shop, hazardous chemicals, explosives, cameras & optical shop, money changers, gambling outlets, arts & antiques, debt collectors firm, 24-hour outlets kiosks, gas/oil/petroleum related products, plastic and/or foam or timber/wood-based and/or furniture manufacturing, furniture malls/showroom and asbestosis related products and risks of Class 3 constructed building.  


Download the following forms and documents to find out more about this policy: 

The calculator is a guide only to assist you in determining the estimated sums to be insured for residential properties, simple shop house and shop office and is not a substitute for professional advice to be obtained.


Before using the calculator, kindly note the following:


  1. if any renovations have been made to your property, you are advised to indicate the amount (cost of renovation) in the box provided in the BCC.
  2. if your property has unique or special design features and/or have extensive renovations and/or have complex structures affixed, you are advised to obtain professional advice for a more accurate assessment of your property.


To access to the BCC provided by PIAM, kindly click on the following link:-