Domestic Maid P.A.

An insurance plan specifically designed for employers who wish to purchase insurance for their domestic maids.


Domestic Maid is the insurance plan specifically designed for an Employer to purchase insurance for their domestic maids.


From age 16 to 60 years old and renewal up to 70 years old. 


Pays lump sum of RM15,000 in the event of accidental death.


Permanent Disablement

Pays lump sum as specified in Permanent Disablement Scale in the event of permanent disablement as a result of an accident.


Workers (Domestic Maid) Scale of Permanent Disablement Benefits


Description of Disablement

Percentage of Benefit B Payable
Total and Permanent Disablement following the Insurred's occupational employment or pursuits 

Total, Permanent and Irreversible:  
Loss of two limbs   100%
Loss of both hands or of all fingers and both thumbs   100% 
Total loss of all sights in both eyes   100%
Loss of arm at shoulder   100%
Loss of arm between shoulder and elbow   100%
Loss of arm at elbow   100%
Loss of arm between elbow and wrist   100% 
Loss of hand at wrist   100%
Loss of leg   At hip  100%
Between knee and hip 100%
Below knee 100%
Loss of all sight in one eye    100%
Loss of all sight in one eye except perception of light   50%
Loss of lens of one eye   50%
Loss of four fingers and thumb of one hand   50%
Loss of four fingers   40%
Loss of thumb  Both phalanges 25%
One phalanx 10%
Loss of index finger   Two phalanges 10% 
Two phalanges 8%
One phalanx 4%
Loss of other fingers   Three phalanges 6%
Two phalanges 4%
One phalanx 2%
Loss of all toes on one foot   15%
Loss of great toes   Two phalanges 5%
One phalanx 2%
Loss of other toe   2% 
Loss of hearing  Both ears 75%
One ear 15%
Loss of speech   50%

Pays up to RM3,000 to the Insured for medical, surgical, and hospital expenses incurred in respect of hospital confinement as a result of sickness, disease, and accidental injuries.

Pays up to RM4,500 to the Insured or their legal personal representative in respect of repatriation expenses (defined below) if during the Period of Insurance the Insured shall sustain bodily injury or sickness resulting in Death or Permanent Disablement within 12 calendar months of the accident or sickness. 


Definition of Repatriation Expenses 

  1. The expenses incurred in the transportation of the Insured to her home state or country following an accident or sickness which results in her Total and Permanent Disablement as certified by a qualified and registered medical practitioner following her occupational employment or pursuits.
  2. The expenses incurred in burial or cremation costs and/or transportation of the remains to her home state or country.

The policy does not cover war risks, existing physical or mental defects, suicide, self-injury, participation in a criminal act, professional sports, racing of any kind (other than on foot), caving, parachuting, hang-gliding, hunting, mountaineering requiring ropes or guides, traveling as an aircraft crew, aerial activities, martial arts, radiation or contamination by radioactivity, and nuclear weapons material. 


This brochure is not a contract of insurance. The descriptions of the available covers are only brief summaries for quick and easy reference. The precise terms and conditions that apply are stated in the policy.

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