Foreign Workers Hospital & Surgical Insurance Scheme (FWHS / SKHPPA)

This scheme provides foreign workers cashless admission into a Non-Corporatized Malaysian Government Hospital.


This Foreign Workers Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance Scheme (FWHS) or Skim Kemasukan Hospital & Pembedahan Pekerja Asing (SKHPPA) is a yearly renewable hospital and surgical insurance scheme designed to reduce the financial burden of the employer of foreign workers in the event of hospital admission of their foreign workers to a Non-Corporatized Malaysian Government Hospital due to an accident or illness. Coverage is required before work permit is issued by Immigration Department for both new and renewal applications.


Benefits covered under this policy are:
• Daily Hospital Room & Board (Maximum up to 30 days)
• Intensive Care Unit (ICU) (maximum up to 15 days)
• Hospital Supplies and Services
• Operating Theatre
• Surgical Fees (Excluding Organ Transplantation)
• Anesthetist Fees
• In-Hospital Physician Visits (Maximum up to 30 days)
• In-Hospital Specialist Consultation Visits (Maximum up to 30 days)
• Ambulance Fees/Medical Report Fees


All benefits payable for any one period of Insurance is subject to the Overall Annual Limit of RM20,000 per Insured Person.


Download the following forms and documents to find out more about this policy: