Rakan Auto

Our 24-hour call centre is available round the clock should you require emergency roadside services. We provide emergency towing services following an accident and emergency breakdown and minor roadside repair service.

Special Features

24-hour Emergency Towing Services Following an Accident

In the event of your car being immobilised following an accident, arrangements will be made by our Call Centre with a member of our approved panel workshop nearest to you to tow your car for repairs*.

Towing charges will be imposed should your car be towed to any workshop other than our panel of approved workshops.

* Charges incurred for repairs will be claimed under your Private Car Comprehensive Policy. 


24-hour Emergency Breakdown and Minor Roadside Repair Services

Should your car break down, our Call Centre will arrange for roadside repairs and if that cannot be carried out, arrangements can be made to tow your car to an approved workshop for repairs.

We will bear the cost of up to RM300 per incident for towing and labour cost for roadside repairs. Cost of parts and toll charges are excluded, and must be settled by the policyholder directly with the workshop.

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