Welcome Back Silent Guardians!

In 2018, we introduced the “Silent Guardians”, which showcased 5 Japanese warriors (sumo, samurai, karateka, ninja and kendoka), which are seen following and protecting the “hero” character Hafiz, from his home to the airport in the first campaign video. In this year’s follow-on video, we see how the guardians come about in a prequel. The “hero” Hafiz, purchases 5 insurance products from Berjaya SOMPO Insurance, via various channels – by speaking with an agent, online, and via Sally, our upcoming chatbot. The 5 guardians appear as he purchases each insurance product, signifying the protection he receives. Watch this new “2019 prequel” video to see the Silent Guardians in action and if you haven’t seen the 2018 sequel, click on the video on the right below.

Silent Guardians - Protecting You is our Priority

At SOMPO, we go to great lengths to protect you and everything you hold dear. After all, millions worldwide wouldn’t have trusted us for over a century if we didn’t do it with tireless passion and ever-ready support. We are always ready, so you can live freely.

Start your protection with us now. Choose from one of the products below.

Catch Silent Guardians In Action on SOMPO Moji!