Ultima V2 P.A.

An accident insurance plan that comes with extra benefits such as an extra 50% Renewal Bonus, free Terrorism cover of RM20,000 optional additional cover for Terrorism up to RM200,000 and much more.


Ultima V2 is an accident insurance plan comes with extra benefits, so you can have total peace of mind. There are many plans you can choose from, depending on your needs.


  • Provides extra 50% Renewal Bonus
  • Double Indemnity cover
  • Personal Liability cover
  • Optional cover for Temporary Total Disablement Benefit
  • Free Terrorism cover of RM20,000
  • Optional additional cover for Terrorism up to RM200,000
  • Death and Permanent Disablement Benefit is payable over and above all other benefits.
  • Definition of accident does not include the words “violent external and visible”.
  • Loss of use of limb is treated as loss of limb.
  • Reimbursement for Traditional Treatment of RM50 per visit subject to maximum RM500 per accident.
  • Reimbursement for hospital room and board, clinical and medical as a result of Dengue Fever, Malaria or Japanese Encephalitis.
  • Reimbursement for Medical Equipment necessary to assist in the mobility.
  • Reimbursement for Medical Report or Postmortem Report.
  • Service Tax on Medical Expenses incurred is payable.
  • Higher limit for Funeral Allowance.
  • All natural disasters
  • Disappearance
  • Drowning, suffocation by smoke or poisonous fumes
  • Exposure to the elements as a result of an accident
  • Food poisoning
  • Hijacking not arising from war like action
  • Hunting
  • Insect bites, snake bites and animal bites which cause immediate injury
  • Intoxication (except drunken driver as governed by the law)
  • Most games and sports (as amateur only)
  • Motorcycling
  • Mountaineering (not involving the use of ropes)
  • Murder and assault
  • Riot strike and civil commotion


  SUM INSURED (RM) With TTD* Benefit Without TTD* Benefit
CLASS Death or Permanent Disablement Medical Expenses Hospital Income
(Per Week)
Funeral Allowance TTD*
(Per Week)


(exclusive of RM10 stamp duty)


(exclusive of RM10 stamp duty)

1 & 2

50,000 3,000 150 3,000 50




100,000 4,000 250 3,000 75 AW2 190 A2 145
200,000 6,000 350 3,000 125 AW3 335 A3 260
300,000 7,000 500 3,000 150 AW4 465 A4 375
500,000 8,000 700 5,000 250 AW5 730 A5 580
750,000 9,000 850 5,000 375 AW6 1,060 A6 835
1,000,000 10,000 1,000 5,000 500 AW7 1,360 A7 1,090


50,000 3,000 100 3,000 50 BW1 175 B1 135
100,000 4,000 150 3,000 50 BW2 270 B2 230
150,000 5,000 200 3,000 50 BW3 365 B3 325
200,000 6,000 250 3,000 100 BW4 500 B4 420


Pays lump sum in the event of accidental death.


Permanent Disablement 

Pays lump sum as specified in Permanent Disablement Scale in the event of permanent disablement as a result of an accident.


Permanent Disablement (PD) Scale


Description of Disablement   Percentage of the Sum Insured of PD Benefit
Loss of two limbs

Loss of both hands or of all fingers and both thumbs   100% 
Total loss of sight of both eyes   100%
Total paralysis   100%
Injuries resulting in being permanently bedridden   100%
Any other injury causing permanent total disablement from gainful employment of any and every kind   100%
Loss of arm at shoulder   100%
Loss of arm between shoulder and elbow   100%
Loss of arm at elbow   100%
Loss of arm between elbow and wrist   100%
Loss of hand at wrist   100%
Loss of leg At hip  100%
  Between knee and hip 100%
  Below knee 100%
Eye: Loss of Whole eye  100%
  All sight in one eye  100%
  All sight in one eye except perception of light 50% 
  Lens of one eye 50% 
Loss of four fingers and thumb of one hand   50% 
Loss of four fingers   40%
Loss of thumb Both phalanges 25%
  One phalanx  10%
Loss of index finger Three phalanges 10% 
  Two phalanges 8%
  One phalanx 4%
Loss of middle finger Three phalanges 6%
  Two phalanges 4%
  One phalanx 2%
Loss of ring finger Three phalanges 6%
  Two phalanges 4% 
  One phalanx 2% 
Loss of little finger Three phalanges 6%
  Two phalanges 4% 
  One phalanx 2% 
Loss of metacarpals First or second
  Third, fourth or fifth
Loss of toes All 15% 
  Great, both phalanges 5%
  Great, one phalanx 2%
  Other toe (each)  1% 
Loss of hearing Both ears 75%
  One ear 15%
Loss of speech   50%
Loss of whole ear Both 6%
  One 3%


Where the injury is not specified the Company reserves the right to adopt a percentage of disablement which in its opinion is not inconsistent with the provisions of the scale.


Temporary Total Disablement Benefit (Optional Cover)

Pays up to 52 weeks if Life Insured is totally unable to attend to his/her work due to injury caused by an accident as certified by a qualified and registered medical practitioner.


Medical Expenses

Reimbursement for the actual, necessary and reasonable medical, clinical, medical equipment necessary to assist in the mobility of the Life Insured, traditional medical treatment incurred for injuries resulting from an accident or illness due to dengue, malaria or Japanese Encephalitis (JE). The fee for medical report and/or postmortem report is also payable provided it is specifically required by the Company.


Hospital Income

A weekly benefit is payable for the period of hospitalization not exceeding 52 weeks and as a result of an accident requiring hospitalization in a registered hospital or government hospital.


Funeral Allowance  

Pays lump sum to the Insured or Life Insured’s next-of-kin or legal personal representative in the event of death benefit is payable.


Hospital Visitation Allowance 

Pays RM20 per day for the period of hospitalization not exceeding 50 days provided hospital income benefit is payable.


Ambulances Fees 

Pays ambulance fees incurred consequent upon an accident up to RM500 per accident.


Home Nursing Care Charges

Pays up to RM500 per week subject to maximum 4 weeks for any nursing care services rendered by a qualified and registered nurse which are medically necessary for the Life Insured who is totally disabled as a result of an accident and who would otherwise be confined as a bed patient in a hospital.


Repatriation Expenses

In the event of accidental death of the Life Insured whilst he/she is travelling outside his/her country of residence, the Company shall reimburse the Insured or Life Insured’s next-of-kin or legal personal representative the actual, necessary and reasonable expenses incurred for the transportation of the mortal remains from the place where such death occurs to the first point of entry into country of residence.


Dental Correction And/Or Corrective Cosmetic Surgery 

Pays up to RM5,000 for any additional expenses incurred for corrective dental and/or corrective surgical operation to the neck, head or chest (navel up) as a result of an accident.


Renewal Bonus 

10% yearly increase on the original sum insured for death and permanent disablement benefits as renewal bonus up to a maximum of 50% if no claims are made. Once a claim is made, all renewal bonuses already granted will be forfeited and the sum insured for death and permanent disablement shall revert to the original sum insured on renewal. Renewal Bonus will again be granted at the same rate in the subsequent years.


Double Indemnity

Pays double the original sum insured for death or permanent total paralysis or permanent total loss/loss of use of 2 limbs if accident occurs whilst the Life Insured is travelling as a fare-paying passenger on any mode of public transport.


Personal Liability

Subject to the limit of liability, the Company will indemnify the Life Insured in respect of all sums he/she shall become legally liable to pay to third parties in respect of accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to property. The territorial limit of this benefit is within Malaysia only.



Professions and occupations involving non-manual, administrative or clerical work, solely in offices or similar non-hazardous places.



Professions and occupations involving work of a supervisory nature or traveling outside office for purposes but not engaging in manual work.



Professions and occupations involving manual work and/or the use of tools or machinery.


List of Occupations


Occupation Class
Accountant 1
Actuary 1
Artist 1
Auditor 1
Baker 3
Barber 2
Beautician 2
Building Architect 2
Building Engineer 2
Cashier 1
Chauffeur 2
Chemist 1
Clerk 1
Computer Programmer 1
Cook 3
Crane Operator 3
Dentist 2
Dishwasher 3
Domestic Servant 3
Draftsman 1
Dressmaker 2
Editor 1
Electrician 3
Engine Fitter 3
Farmer 3
Fashion Designer 1
Florist  2
Gardener 3
Graphic Designer 1
Hair Dresser 2
Hawker 3
Health Inspector 2
Hospital Attendant 2
Housewife 1
Indoor Sales Personnel 1
Insurance Agent 2
Insurance Surveyor 2
Journalist 1
Judge 1
Laboratory Attendant 2
Land Surveyor 2
Lawyer 1
Lecturer 1
Librarian 1
Life Guard 3
Lorry Driver 3
Medical Doctor 1
Marketing Personnel 2
Messenger 2
Mechanic 3
Music Teacher 1
Nurse 2
Office Executive 1
Optician 1
Outdoor Sales Personnel 2
Packer 3
Pharmacist 1
Plumber 3
Printer 3
Real Estate Agent 2
Store-man 3
Student 1
Surgeon 1
Teacher 1
Tour Guide 2
Waiter 2
Watchman 3
Welder 3


All other professions and occupation not mentioned above must be returned to the Company for approval. To contact us, please email us.


Age Limit Of Entry:

From 16 to 60 years and renewable up to 80 years.

The policy does not cover war risks, existing physical or mental defect, suicide, self-injury, pregnancy or child-birth, hernia, HIV bacterial or viral infections, any disease or sickness, participation in a criminal act, professional sports, racing of any kind (other than on foot), caving, parachuting, hang gliding, hunting, mountaineering requiring ropes or guides, water-ski jumping, underwater activities involving the use of breathing apparatus.



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