Buildings, Plants, and Machineries have to be erected or installed before commercial production takes place. Insurance protection is then needed until the buildings, plants, and machineries are finally handed over to the Principal by the contractor.

Machinery Breakdown

Protects against physical loss, major heavy machinery breakdown, or damages that are costly to repair.

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Loss of Profit following Machinery Breakdown

Covers against loss of gross profit following indemnifiable damage to machinery.

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Erection All Risk

This policy is designed to meet the insurance obligations placed upon Contractors under the contract conditions.

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Electronic Equipment

Specially designed to cover the computer system which includes material damage, external data media and increased cost of working.

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Contractor's All Risk

Cover contract assets against sudden loss or damages from any causes during the construction or installation period.

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Boiler & Pressure Vessel

Cover against damage to the boiler or pressure vessel caused solely by explosion or collapse.

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